Every Au Pair stay starts with signing a contract. This agreement controls the rights and responsibilities of the Au Pair and the host family.

Important points of the contract

    1. Length of stay
    2. Start and end date of the job
    3. There should be a detailed description of separate room, food and other facilities to be given to the Au Pair
    4. Job responsibilities for child care should be mentioned in the contract (max. 45h per week)
    5. Job timing, health insurance and other duties should be clearly described in this contract
    6. Pocket money (weekly or monthly paid) and paid holidays (two weeks of vacation)
    7. Notice period guidelines should be a part of this contract with mutual understanding
    8. Information on conveyance to language classes should be provided
    9. Information on registration formalities related to travel and stay at host country
    10. Important information like phone numbers and addresses
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