Duties of an Au Pair


The duties of an Au Pair depend on what you want to be done and what you expect! It is important to talk about the Au Pair’s duties in advance so everyone knows what to await form each other. Although having an Au Pair is a great way to plan child care very flexible, it might be really helpful to write down a weekly schedule. Below, you can find a list with certain things your Au Pair might do but also things your AuPair shouldn’t be held responsible for:

What can an Au Pair do?

    1. General child care – play, entertain, help with homework etc.
    2. Help the children to get dressed
    3. Take children to/pick children up from school or kindergarten or any other activities
    4. Keep Au Pair’s and children’s rooms tidy
    5. Prepare light meals for the children
    6. Help with light housework (ironing, vacuuming, laundry

What should an Au Pair NOT do?

    1. Look after someone else’s children
    2. Cook meals for the whole family
    3. Clean non-shared rooms
    4. Look after pets