Requirements for host families



To become a host family in the US you need to meet certain requirements. We made a list with the most significant ones:

    1. Need to be U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents and fluent in spoken English
    2. Provide an appropriate private room and three meals a day!
    3. The Au Pair is not allowed to work more than 45 hours per week. This includes not more than 10 hours per day or more than five and a half days in a row. The Au Pair needs to have 1,5 full days per week off
    4. The Au Pair will get one complete weekend off each month (Friday evening to Monday morning)
    5. Weekly paid pocket money 195 US Dollar
    6. The Au Pair will have the possibility to enroll in and attend an accredited post-secondary instituion to fulfill the educational component requirement e.g. language course
    7. Provide a minimum of two weeks paid vacation for each 12 month exchange term
    8. Try to include the Au Pair into all family activities
    9. Provide automobile insurance coverage for the Au Pair
    10. Have one or both parents remain home during the first couple of days after the Au Pair’s arrival to give an introduction
    11. Sign a contract which outlines for example all child care responsibilites, the time off, vacation, pocket money, …
  • Additional agency:
    1. provide one-way transportation from orientation to the host family’s home
    2. provide the opportunity and transportation for the Au Pair to attend regular monthly meetings with the community counselor
    3. maintain monthly contact with the community counselor