Educational courses

Taking educational classes

Being an Au Pair in the United States also means to take educational courses in order to fulfill the Au Pair program requirements. During your time abroad you’ll need to get 6 credit points! In case you’re going to extend your stay as an Au Pair you’ll have to get more credit points (6 months – 3 CPs, 9,12 months – 6 CPs).
Every city in the U.S. is going to have some kind of secondary educational offers sometimes specially designed for Au Pairs. You should ask you host parents in order to find the right course for you. Some Au Pairs prefere to take a language course to improve their English but there will be a great variety of different classes to choose from.
Your host family will cover 500 USD of your educational expenses. If a class costs more or if you have further expenses for material and books, you will have to pay for it own your own.