Costs for an Au Pair


In comparison to other child care services, the Au Pair program is a very inexpensive option. Online matching agencies such as offer you a low-priced possibility to find and contact your perfect Au Pair.
In additon, you and the Au Pair will need a local Au Pair agency in order to fulfill all visa requirements for the United States.

The visa needed to work as an Au Pair in the United States can only be issued if you and your Au Pair are registered as members of a certified American agency!

Nevertheless, the independent search for an Au Pair via an online matching agency provides some benefits compared to the matching process held by a local agency.

You can find a summary of all costs that need to be considered if you want to host an Au Pair in the list below:

    1. Agency fee: 55 – 8,000 USD
    2. Pocket money: around 800 USD per month
    3. Catering and accommodation: 100-200 USD per month
    4. Health, accident, liability insurance: about 60-200 USD per month
    5. Tickets for public transport/Using costs of the car: 60-200 USD per month
    6. Tuition fee for the attendance of a course: 500 USD
    7. Other costs: up to 50 USD per month