Pocket money, time off, vacation and more

What to expect

You will find some useful information about things like pocket money, your time off, vacation and your educational courses.

In general, every Au Pair in the US gets the same amount of pocket money. You will have to ask your host parents in what interval they want to transfer the money (per week/per month). In addition to your pocket money, your host family will pay for the tuition fees of your college courses.
And, of course, you are going to have some time off and vacation.

Below, you will find all the important information.

  • Pocket money


    As an Au Pair in the US, you will get 195,75 US Dollar per week. Talk to your host parents if they are going to transfer the money weekly or monthly. Your working hours will not exceed 45 hours weekly and 10 hours a day.

  • Vacation



    You will get 2 full weeks off during a stay of 12 month.
    Additionally, you will have 1,5 days off per week and one complete weekend off each month.