Find an Au Pair

Online matching agency

Now you want to get started and find you perfect Au Pair? Great!
First of all, you need to get registered on The website offers you the chance to register for free and create a personal profile with pictures, an introduction letter and the job description.
You can find Au Pairs from all over the world who meet your personal requirements.

Finding the right Au Pair might take some time. Thus, we recommend to start looking for your Au Pair ahead of time (3-6 months before you want your Au Pair to arrive).

In case you’ve found an Au Pair, you as a host family and your Au Pair also need to find a sponsor for the exchange program (a local agency) in order to apply for a visa.

  1. You need to register online as a host family
  2. Your matching agency will send you a registration link, in order to activate your profile.
  3. Once your profile is activated, you can start looking at profiles from Au Pairs and add them to your ‘Favorites’ (create a list of your favorite Au Pairs). Make sure to add several Au Pairs to your favorites list.
  4. After deciding for several Au Pairs, you can start getting in touch with them by sending them a message, telling them that you are interested in getting to know them.
  5. In order to see the Au Pair’s contact details and to write them a personal message, you (usually) need to pay for a premium membership.
  6. After exchanging e-mails with your Au Pair, you can set up a date for a telephone interview.
  7. Prepare for the telephone interview in advance. Think about what you want to ask your Au Pair and if necessary, note down the topics you want to discuss with the Au Pair.
  8. Remember that your future Au Pair and you need to contact an additonal local agency in order to get a visa.
  9. If you and the Au Pair want to match you can sign the Au Pair contract.
  10. Perpare for your Au Pair’s arrival.
  11. After your Au Pair arrived in your home country, give him/her time to settle in and make him/her familiar with everything.