Packing list

Clothes, toiletries and medicine

  • Clothes

    Don’t worry too much about the clothes you pack. You will be very likely to buy lots of new clothes during your stay in the U.S. there will be always some kind of sale in the stores.
    Make sure to pack espacially old clothes, you don’t mind getting dirty or stretched out. No matter how old your host children are and whether it’s feeding an infant, doing crafts with a five year old or playing outside with an older host child, your clothes need to be comfortable and practical.

    • Practical (!), old and comfortable clothes (keep in mind that you will spend most of your time with children)
    • Comfortable and closed-toed shoes (sneakers etc.)
    • Weather-proof jacket
    • Some nicer outfits for when you go out with friends in the evening or for family birthdays
    • Appropriate clothes (no revealing clothes); f.i. full-piece bathing suit in addition to your bikini
    • If you are leaving in summer, you don’t need to bring a warm winter coat and vice versa; you will have enough time to buy it during your time abroad
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