Wieso sollten wir ein Au Pair bei uns aufnehmen?

Hosting an Au Pair

For many reasons, the Au Pair program has become famous all around the globe and everyday more and more families decide to host an Au Pair.Espacially the Au Pair program in the US is still one of the most remarable ones! There are many reason why families decide to host an Au Pair in their home.

shutterstock_175105961First of all it is an affordable solution because it is less expensive than other child care options. It is also nice to have someone living in your house to share your experience with someone from a different cultural background. This also will be very positive on your children! They will get a global education, can learn about the Au Pair’s culture, get to know new values and can even be raised bilingual. The possiblity to learn a new language or an addional language is a lot easier when children get used to it in there natural habits starting from a young age.

As parents, you know that no two days are the same! Work, meetings, appointments or some other events. With an Au Pair you get the chance to schedule times you need help with your children. Au Pairs can work up to 10 per day and up to 45 hours per week. You will be fexible to make arragements with you Au Pair for simplifing you life. It is great knowing someone you trust who cares for your little gems when they won’t be able to go to school because they’re sick, or due to snow days or maybe just because of the typical suprises life has to offer.